Jual Continuous Level Sensor Liquid : Magnetostrictive level measurement


Chemical measurement and high precision measurement of blending tanks


Magnetostrictive level measurement MS
  • Based on the Wiedemann effect
  • High accuracy (±1mm/±0.1%F.S.) and high resolution
  • Low cost

Principle of Operation

Wiedemann effect
Principle of Operation
    ①Current pulse is applied to one end of magnetostrictive wire.
    ②Circular magnetic is generated, encompassing the entire wire.
    ③Magnetic field from the position magnet and the circular magnetic
      field interact.
    ④The interaction produces a strain pulse.
    ⑤Travel time of the strain pulse to the pick-up is proportional to
      the distance the pulse travels.
    ⑥ The time elapsed is measured multiple times.
      Remarkably accurate measurement is ensured.
Magnetostrictive Level Measurement Drexelbrook's line of magnetostrictive level probes utilizes proven machine tool positioning accuracy combined with process compatible floats to offer liquid level, interface level and temperaturemeasurements with no requirements for maintenance or calibration. Magnetostrictive Level Sensor Operating Principle - Gems Sensors The magnetostrictive sensors operating principle is a level transmitter is a magnet, which is integrated into the float. Its magnetic field magnetizes the wire axially. Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters Magnetostrictive level transmitters. ABB's K-TEK level products' patented sensor technology allows the AT and LMT* series transmitters to be used in the most challenging of industrial level applications such as interface measurement, compressor level and separator level applications. In addition, the AT Series Level ...

Magnetostrictive level transmitter This video shows how an MTS magnetostrictive level transmitter works, generating a variable (analog) output ... Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters: How They Work Magnetostrictive level sensors are similar to float type sensors in that they both use a permanent magnet ... Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter - Magnetrol International This section provides detailed procedures for properly installing, wiring, configuring and, if needed, troubleshooting the Jupiter magnetostrictive level transmitter. In most cases, externally mounted units will be shipped from the factory attached to the Magnetrol / Orion Instruments magnetic level indicator. 1.1. Installation Prep. Magnetostrictive Level Measurement Instrumentation Tools A variation on the theme of echo-based level instruments, where the level of some process material in a vessel is 

measured by timing the travel of a wave between the instrument and the material interface, is one applied to float-type instruments: magnetostriction. In a magnetostrictive level instrument, liquid level is sensed ... Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter Working Principle Instrumentation The magnetostrictive level transmitter uses buoyancy, magnetostriction and electronics technologies to accurately measure the level of a wide variety of liquids, including interface and insoluble multiple liquids with a two-float design. In the typical magnetostrictive level transmitter a float, appropriately sized for the specific ... Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters - High Resolution Level  Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters. The LTM series Magnetostrictive level transmitters offer highly accurate and precise liquid level measurement with a variety of configuration options. The LTM may be utilized as a direct insertion transmitter or externally mounted to a magnetic level gauge for non-invasive level control.
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