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Miniature Float Sensor OL
  • Compact and low cost. Offers a wide range of designs.
    Compact and low cost solution. Various designs available as standard to suit vertically any liquid applications.
  • Insensitive to process conditions such as pressure, temperature and specific gravity
    Unlike other technologies, OL offers reliable measurement without being affected by temperature, pressure, specific gravity, capacitance or conductivity.
  • High reliability and safety 
    Among high accuracy reed switches, only those that meet our original standards are used to ensure stable operation over the long service life.
  • Suitable for virtually any applications 
    A wide selection of components and attachments allow flexible adoption to any environments with short delivery time.
  • Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) certified (07A008) 
    OL can be used to measure fuel, lubricant oil and other liquids except on the decks, bridges and cargo tanks. (Except side mounted OLH)

Principle of Operation

Principle of Operation
he sensor uses a magnet and a reed switch to detect liquid presence. The reed switch has its contacts encased in a glass tube with inert gas, and operates by an applied magnetic field.
The figure shows the float and the stem. The float integrates a magnet, and the stem a reed switch at the set point. The reed switch opens or closes as the float goes up or down on the stem.

Miniature float switch | Level detection elobau's miniature float switches are used for level detection. Using our configurator, you can individually customise the float switch to fit the specific requirements of your application. As soon as the rising or falling fluid reaches the defined fluid level, a contact is closed or opened. This instructs a magnet located in the float to ... Mini Float Switch | FS25 Ultra-Miniature Micro Float Switch Some of the most compact float switches on the market, SMD Fluid Controls' FS25 liquid levelsensors are ideal for general use, UV-links, potable water, food service, or industrial acid applications where tank intrusion needs to be kept to a minimum. These miniature switches are made from white polypropylene with silicon ... These miniature float switches have been specially developed for small tanks / reservoirs as used in the automotive industry, drinks vending machines, air conditioning ...

Series Micro-Miniature Vertical Float Switch - Deeter Electronics, Inc. Product Description. The 20 Series Liquid Level Sensor is a cost-effective float switch for high volume OEM applications. The micro-miniature packaging allows for accurate sensing within a very small form factor, ideal for small spaces. Applications. Typical uses include food/beverage, automotive, consumer and medical ... Miniature Float Switch | Float Switch Technology elobau designs and manufactures miniature float switches for all industries & applications. Request a quote or contact us for miniature float switches. Miniature Float Switches | APG This line of miniature float switches will fit just about anywhere and provide years of reliable service. Mini level float switches - BERNSTEIN AG To ensure smooth running operating processes, in many devices and industrial systems it is necessary to monitor product level in the most confined spaces.

Madison M8000 Plastic Full Size Miniature Liquid Level Float Switch Madison M8000 Plastic Full Size Miniature Liquid Level Float Switch with Polypropylene Stem, 30 VA SPST, 1/8" NPT Male, 100 psig Pressure: Electronic Component Liquid Level Sensors: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific. Miniature Polypropylene Float Switch | Madison Company Detects high/low levels in a container Stem diameter of 0.313” and float diameter of 1.0” or 1.125” Polypropylene holds up well in acidic or alkaline liquids. FDA approved for food contact. Can be used in low temperature food equipment applications (up to 221F, 105C) such as food service steamers and proofers. Miniature Float Sensor LS|PROCESS AUTOMATION NOHKEN INC. Miniature Float Sensor LS CE RoSH NR. Extremely small. Even smaller and lower cost than our OL sensors. Stable operation. The float is designed not to stick to sensor body and hinder correct operation, which tends to happen with small floats. High reliability. Among high accuracy reed switches, only those that meet our ...
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