Jual Level Sensor Liquid : Cable Suspended Float Sensor


Water, waste water and sticky liquids


  • Insensitive to suspended solids or viscosity
    No affection from suspended solids or viscosity of measured liquids due to large buoyancy.
  • Stable operation
    No affection from turbulence or rough flow as detection signals are not given until the float is inverted at the high or low points.
  • Flexible adaption to any environments
    Easy installation by just suspending the sensor. Control range is user adjustable. Multiple point versions are also available. (FQ88, FQ66)
    Large and rugged terminal box for easy handling, with a cover requiring no screws nor bolts.
  • High reliability
    Among high accuracy reed switches, only those that meet our original standards are used to ensure stable operation over the long service life.

Principle of Operation

Cable Suspended Float Sensor FQ Principle of OperationWhen the level rises, the float goes up. The float is inverted at the high limit point, causing the integrated weight to contact the magnet. This results in the reed switch opening, and the high alarm is given.
When the level falls and the float is inverted at the low limit point, the reed switch opens. The integrated weight moves only at high or low limit points, which means the operation is not affected by turbulent flow. Due to this latch function, one unit of FQ can control pumps.
The Easiest Way To Setup & Install Cable Suspended Float Switches Controlling pumps with your standard cable suspended float switch is honestly a pain in the neck. You'll need at least two of them to get the job done, with a controller that handles all the logic. You have to tie them to some conduit to keep them from getting tangled. And the failure rate isn't that great either. Cable Suspended Float Level Sensors - APG Sensors TLS Cable Suspended Float Level Sensors. APG. Automation Products Group, Inc.®. Rev. 10.08. TLS. Cable Suspended Float Level Sensors. □ One float gives a latched signal between two different levels. □ Differential and switch level points are easily field adjustable. □ Unique tumbling action. Cable Suspended Float Sensor FT|PROCESS AUTOMATION

The float is designed to have large buoyancy, and the center of the buoyancy is closer to the floatbottom and the center of gravity closer to the cable. The float sinks in water when the liquid level is rising (SG = 1). Since the centers of buoyancy and gravity are not at the same point, the float tilts, and the steel ball inside the ... Cable Suspended Float Level Sensors - Omni Controls s No maintenance required s Cost effective s Operational Description. The KARI float switches are unique cable suspended liquid level sensors offering convenience and reliability for a wide range of pump control and alarm applications. Their most important feature is the ability to sense multiple levels using only one float. Cable-Suspended Float Switches On F.W. Webb Company KARI float switches are unique cable-suspended liquid level sensors offering convenience and reliability for a wide range of pump control and alarm applications. Their most important feature is the ability to sense multiple levels using only one float. This results in a simple device that can be used in many different level ...

Cable Suspended Float Switch - Cable Float Level Switch Cable Float Level Switch is a control device for filling and discharging pumps, motor, and magnetic valves. It is also an alarm device at certain pre-determined surface levels. It is suitable for use in non-flammable liquids at 250 volts. In dangerous environments (e.g. wells and pumping stations) we recommend 24 V voltage. Suspended float switch - SLS – WIKA Suspended float switches are attached to a highly flexible cable hanging from above and contain a micro switch, which is potted and enclosed, shock and With the. APG FT-100 Series Cable Suspended Float Switches The APG FT series cable suspended floats are designed for high or low level indication. Counterweight for use on cable suspended float switches. - Cynergy3 This counterweight is used to set or adjust the pivot point for a cable suspended float switch. The position on the cable relative to the switch can be used to adjust the liquid level differential between open and closed switch output. Most of the cable suspended float switches from Cynergy3 are supplied with these
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