Jual Level Sensor Liquid : Electrode Level Sensor


Level measurement of large tanks and water treatment plants


  • Standard electrodes are in 316SS, titanium or Hastelloy. Suitable for chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, as well as purified water.
  • Plastic terminal box and flange are rugged. The cover requires no screws or bolts for easy handling.
  • Cable type suits long range applications, and offers easy installation even when space above tank is limited. Maintenance is also easily performed.

Principle of Operation

The sensor operates in combination with a relay unit. 
Without conductive liquid between electrodes, no current flows. With conductive liquid between electrodes, current flows.
The relay opens or closes its contacts depending on the presence or absence of the current. The relay unit RE7000 supplies small alternating current, so the sensor offers long service life without erosion.

Electrode Water Level Sensor Singapore - pic-control Electrode water level sensor is also known as a “Conductivity Level Sensors”.Electrode sensor basically requires a physical contact with the water to detect the water level. The water act as a resistance. Small electronic current will be passing through the water which helps thesensor to sense the water  Electrode Level Sensor CE (Electrode band type)|PROCESS The sensor operates in combination with a relay unit. Without conductive liquid between electrodes, no current flows. With conductive liquid between electrodes, current flows. The relay opens or closes its contacts depending on the presence or absence of the current. The relay unit RE7000 supplies small alternating current . . Overview of Level Switches | OMRON Industrial Automation Level Switches. These devices equip electrodes to detect liquid levels. They have been widely used in water works and sewers for buildings and housing complexes, industrial facilities and equipment, water ... However in practice, with only two electrodes, ripples on the surface of the liquid cause the relay toswitch rapidly.

 Electrode Level Sensor – Flow meters Wiratama Level Level Sensor Electrode Level sensor Feature It is used in the conductive liquid level measurement. It is widely used in the sewage or wastewater tanks When using in a chemical plant, it is possible to be used by having a PTFE coating on the electrode (selection specification) Since it is possible to ... Conductivity Level Sensors – AutomationWiki The conductive probes operate by means of differences in the electrical resistance between the reference electrode and the level control electrode. These sensors tend to detect the electrical resistance when the level electrodes get submerged in the process fluid. ”An electrically conductive tank wall can be ... ‎Conductivity Level Sensors · ‎Introduction · ‎Main Features Electrode Type Level Switch KF-600 Series | Products | All-round Liquid Control made of varied electrode materials in a sturdy housing can be applied to a variety of liquids.Electrode Type Level Switch KANSAI Automation Co., Ltd.

All-round Manufacturer of Level Controllers for Powder, Granules and Best level switch for low level detection in the big tank! KFD-1. August 17 2017. Pick up. Microwave Type Flow Sensor. Flow detection or clogging prediction of powder and granule flowing in the pipe. Pipeline electrode. August 17 2017. Pick up. Pipeline Electrode. Customize each unit based on customer's order. Liquid Level Detectors & Water Level Sensors - Gems™ Sensors Use of permanently-mounted stationary electrodes gives the user precise accuracy, repeatability and no-moving-parts reliability. This simple concept has led to the development of a complete line of conductivity-based liquid level detectors, water level detectors, and control units and electrode fittings shown here. For OEM's ... Electrode Type Level Gauge, Level Transmitter ... - Intra Automation Electrode Type Level GaugeLevel. Transmitter & Level Switch. Boiler Steam Water Level Gauge. SEL Series. Technical Information. October 2008. International Headquarters. Subsidiary for BENELUX. INTRA-AUTOMATION GmbH. B.V. INTRA-AUTOMATION HTP. Otto-Hahn-Str
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