Jual Level Sensor Liquid : Electrical Conductivity Level Sensor


Pump control of relay pump stations and manhole pump stations


  • Insensitive to contamination
    Relay unit with sequential logic circuit (RE9000) ignores affection from scum, suspended solids or other contamination.
  • Extremely rugged
    Having no moving parts, the sensor offers long service life.
  • Easy-to-use relay unit
    Mounting the sensor is easy with a cleaner and a mounting bracket.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
    DIP switch on relay unit allows measurement of various liquids. 
    (Sensitivity: 1kΩ to 80kΩ)

Principle of Operation

Principle of Operation
Sensor uses conductivity between the electrode and the ground to detect a level. For FRP or other plastic tanks, an earth electrode is required.

The sensor has a pair of electrodes, and applies alternating current to them. When the liquid covers the electrodes, it forms a part of an electric circuit, causing current to flow. The sensor measures electric resistance of the liquid, and compares the measured value with a preset value to determine liquid presence. When liquid presence is detected, the sensor sends a signal to an amplifier to open or close relay contacts of relay units.
Conductivity Level Sensors – AutomationWiki Conductivity level switches make use of conductivity sensing technology or conductance method for liquid level detection. Conductance method of liquid measurement and control is considered to be very simple in operation. Their working depends upon the electrical conductanceor conductivity of the ... ‎Conductivity Level Sensors · ‎Introduction · ‎Main Features Conductivity Level Switches - OMEGA Engineering The LVCR models offer the same features as the LVCF, plus removable 316 SS threaded rods that make it possible to switch the rods. Rods can be ordered separately in longer length and can then be custom cut. Removable rods make the system more versatile, easier to handle, and more forgiving ifthe rod's length is. Conductivity Level Switches - OMEGA Engineering OMEGA's conductivity level switches offer a wide range of customized options to meet any application's needs. They are designed to control the level of ... The LVCR models offer the same features as the LVCF, plus removable 316 SS threaded rods that make it possible to switch the rods. Rods can be ordered separately in ...

Conductivity Level Sensors for Liquids | Conductivity Sensors | SMD - Maintaining safe operating conditions in a process vessel is critical to the safety ofemployees and the integrity of consumer products. In many cases, conventional metal and polymeric float switches will be able to complete the task, however, in more corrosive environments they are at a disadvantage. Conductivity Level Sensors Conductivity level sensors are a art of Madison Company's core line of level sensing products. They're ... Electrical Conductivity Level Sensor MT10|PROCESS AUTOMATION Principle of Operation Sensor uses conductivity between the electrode and the ground to detect alevel. For FRP or other plastic tanks, an earth electrode is required. The sensor has a pair ofelectrodes, and applies alternating current to them. When the liquid covers the electrodes, it forms a part of an electric circuit, causing ... Series CLP | Conductivity Level Probe is used to determine the Series CLP Conductivity Level Probes are used to determine the presence of a conductive liquid at a set level by sensing conductivity. The Series CLP is coupled with the Series TSWB TemperatureLevel Controller for a complete level control system. These probes allow for the measurement of conductivity between the ...

Conductivity Level Switch | Conductivity Level Sensor & Probe Multiple models available, Contact Us so we can choose the perfect model for your application! Nivelco's NivoCont K is a cost effective conductivity level switch for point level detection of liquids with a conductivity greater than 10μS/cm. The NivoCont K conductivity level switch comes in a separated probe and relay unit for ... PVL Ltd Conductive Level Sensors | Level Sensors Evaluates the change in electrical resistance of the measured medium. Level sensing in plastic (electrically non conductive) tanks: The change of electrical resistance is evaluated between the twoconductive probes. Level sensing in metal (electrically conductive) tanks: The change of electricalresistance is evaluated ... Electrical Conductivity / Resistance Liquid Level Sensors Datasheets The conductive level sensor LSK is used for level detection and dry run protection in conductive liquids. The LSK measures the resistance between the ground potential and the sensing element covered by the conductive liquid. The tank or pipe side acts as the ground potential. If the tank is made of... [See More].
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