Jual Level Sensor Liquid : Optical Interface Measurement Sensor


Interface of two liquids having different clearness, sludge blanket level


Optical Interface Measurement Sensor OX
  • Insensitive to contamination
    Modulated infrared minimizes affection from contamination
  • Insensitive to external light interference
    Infrared source uses frequency band with only limited interference, and the circuit response only to the modulated light.
  • Long service life
    The pipe inserted in the tank is made in FEP (fluoric material) that resists chemicals and high temperatures. The material also prevents buildup and contamination.

Principle of Operation

Principle of Operation
The sensor has two detector rods. One of the detectors has a transmitter and the other a receiver at the end, oriented to face each other. 
The sensor compares the amplitude of the transmitted and received light to know material presence. For example, when the detectors are in water, the transmission amplitude decreases only a little, whereas in sludge, the amplitude of received light is significantly decreased.
The sensor measures the decrease in amplitude and gives an output signal.
Optical Interface Measurement Sensor OX|PROCESS AUTOMATION Features. Optical Interface Measurement Sensor OX. Insensitive to contamination. Modulated infrared minimizes affection from contamination. Insensitive to external light interference. Infrared source uses frequency band with only limited interference, and the circuit response only to the modulated light. Long service life. Optical Interface Measurement Sensor Product name, Product group, Retired on, Replacement product, Repaired until. OX100-1, Optical Interface Measurement Sensor (with pipe), 12/31/2005, OX100-0, -. OX100-2, Optical Interface Measurement Sensor, 12/31/2005, OX100-0, -. OX100-3, Optical Interface Measurement Sensor, 12/31/2005, OX100-0, - ... Level switch : Level Sensors for Liquids | PROCESS AUTOMATION Loncat ke 

Optical type - Optical Interface Measurement Sensor OX. Overview: Uses optical semiconductors. The sensor has two detectors, one with a transmitter and the other with a receiver at its end, and measures transmission magnitude between the detectors to indicate a level of liquids, solids, sludge blanket or ... KAM OID Optical Interface Detector - Managing multi-product pipelines The KAM® OID Optical Interface Detector has been the preferred sensor for interface detectionbetween refined products since its inception in 2000. Like eyes in the pipe, it provides accurate, real-time data on product interface even when density does not change between products, allowing operators to make cuts with ... Level measurement | Process sensors | Baumer Optical level switches. Non-contact level detection in ascending pipes; Robust, chemically resistantsensors for direct contact; Suppression of foam and air bubbles up to 3 mm. Open in product selector ... Optical distance sensors | Distance measurement | Baumer Optical distance sensors with high resolution of up to 2 μm and measuring distances of up to 13 m provide precise, absolute distance information.

Level sensor – Wikipedia Level sensors detect the level of liquids and other fluids and fluidized solids, including slurries, granular materials, and powders that exhibit an upper free surface. Substances that flow become essentially horizontal in their containers (or other physical boundaries) because of gravity whereas most bulk solids pile at an angle ... EndressHauser Introduces OUSAF11 Optical Absorption Sensor Sensor employs optical absorption for interface detectionmeasuring suspended solids and turbidity, and detecting phase separations and product loss. Endress+Hauser introduces the OUSAF11 sensor for measuring optical absorbance by a process fluid. Using visible and near-infrared wavelengths of ... Measuring Tactile-Optical Sensor – Koordinatenmesstechnik The actual measurement of the position is performed by an image processing sensor integrated into the system (Fig. 22). ... 22: Working principle of Werth Fiber Probe; a) 2-D measuring set-up, b) 3-Dmeasuring set-up with second camera. ... 23: Werth Fiber Probe with magnetic interface formeasuring a microgearwheel.
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