Jual Level Sensor Solid : Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler)


Alarm or control of solid, granular material and bulk solid level


Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler)
  • Sealed housing
    Shaft and bearing are sealed with bellows. Measured material does not enter into the housing.
  • No affection from material weight
    Paddle is placed in line with the direction in which material moves to eliminate affection from the material weight. Stable operation even at low levels.
  • Wide range of models available
    Various models are available as standard to suit virtually any applications from small to large hoppers.
  • Easy maintenance
    Requires no adjustment. Simple design makes maintenance easy.

Principle of Operation

The paddle inserted in the tank reciprocates to detect material presence.
Without material covering the paddle, the detector reciprocates. With material, the paddle stops and an output is given.
Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler)| Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler). Applications. Alarm or control of solid, granular material and bulk solid level. Features. Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler). Sealed housing. Shaft and bearing are sealed with bellows. Measured material does not enter into the housing. No affection ... Download - Catalogs & Manual | Information & Downloads ... Level Sensors for Liquid, Level Sensors for Solid, Capacitive Level Sensors, Continuous Level Sensors for Liquid. Continuous Level Sensors for Solid, Auxiliary equipment and others, Product ...Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler), NA, [2,290KB]. Rotating-puddle Level Sensor R7, [661KB] · [714KB]. Level switch :Level Sensors for Solids|PROCESS AUTOMATION Motor torque level sensor. Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler) · Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/BC (Bin leveler). Overview: The sensor converts motor rotation to reciprocating motion to activate the integrated microswitch. Features: The best selling, simple and rugged model. A wide range of ...

PROCESS AUTOMATION NOHKEN INC. (NOHKEN products: Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler)). What is a vibrating level sensor? Vibrating level sensors have a vibrating detector. They use the difference in vibration between with and without the material covering the detector. These sensors include tuning fork, vibrating rod, and vibrating ... İmaj Teknik Elektrik Elektronik Malz. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. FCR Series Rotary Limit Switches. Ravioli Switch. Ravioli >> Ravioli DC Contactors ... Pull Cord Emergency Switch. KBT NSR22-PR - Conveyor Switch. LTN >> LTN Encoders ..... Vibrating Level Sensor VF. Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler). Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler) ... A:a ah aha ahoy away awe aye ... bong bongo boning booing booming bowing bumming bung buoying buying B3:baas back back's backache backache's backaches backhoe backhoes backs .... banyan's banyans beam's beams bean's beans bemoans bench bench's benches bin's bins bionic bionics bohemians bone's bones bonsai bonsai's bonsais ...

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