Jual Level Sensor Solid : Rotating-paddle Level Sensor


Integration into plastic processing machinery and cereal processing machinery


Rotating-puddle Level Sensor R7

  • Extremely compact
    Compact and lightweight with miniature motors and plastic components.
  • Easy torque adjustment
    Remove the cover, and change the spring position. That:s all need to be done for the best torque.
  • “Slip” mechanism
    A durable magnetic “Slip” mechanism protects the motor from excessive force applied to the paddle.
  • Easy maintenance
    The internal components can be removed with the sensor mounted on the tank.

Principle of Operation

The paddle inserted in a hopper rotates slowly to detect material presence.

Without material around the paddle

Spindle and paddle, connected to the motor via the slip mechanism, slowly rotates as the motor rotates.

With material around the paddle

Paddle rotation is impeded by the material, and the motor revolves with the spindle as its axis. The motor revolution causes the pin on the motor to actuate the microswitch, turning on the signal output and turning off the motor rotation. This gives an output signal and stops the motor revolution simultaneously.


When the material descends and the paddle is no longer covered by it, the pin on the motor returns to its original position by the spring force, causing the microswitch to reset and then the motor and the paddle to resume rotation.

Slip mechanism

When the spindle is forced to rotate due to for example downward flow, the slip mechanism on the connection of the motor shaft and the spindle makes the spindle ‘slip’. This prevents forced rotation of the motor and protects the motor from damage.
Rotary Paddle Sensor point level measurement Depending on the requirements, the Rotonivo® rotary paddle switch is used as a full, demand or empty detector in storage silos or process vessels and is suitable for use ... Once the material levelreaches the vane, thereby preventing further rotation, this creates a torque, which is converted via aswitch to an electric signal. Rotating paddle level limit switch A motor driven shaft causes a vane to rotate. Once the material level reaches the vane, thereby preventing ... Paddle | Dwyer InstrumentsPaddle. Rotating paddle level switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific powder or bulk level. Applications include mining, silos, hoppers, food & beverage, and grain silos. The models within this category have either top or side mounting. Series DBLM: Compact, 4-Vane Paddle Mini-Bin Dry Bulk ... Rotonivo UWT Rotating paddle level limit switch | Level Limit Rotary Paddle 

Level Switch Solids | Rotonivo UWT Rotating paddle level limit switch | Level Limit Detection Switch for Solids | Paddle Switch | Level Instrumentation | Bin Level Detection, Level Limit Switch, Level Detection, Solids Measurement, Level Measurement Instrumentation, paddle switch, paddle flow switch, rotary Rotating Paddle Level Sensor When downward flow or other excessive force causes the spindle to rotate, the slip mechanism on the connection of the motor shaft and the spindle makes the spindle 'slip'. This prevents constrained rotation of the motor, and protects the motor from damage. Model R7 Rotating Paddle Level Sensor. Ideal for powders, solids ... Rotation Paddle Level Sensors Datasheets | Engineering List of Rotation Paddle Level Sensors Product Specs, Datasheets, Manufacturers & Suppliers. PADDLE TYPE LEVEL SWITCH | POINT LEVEL DETECTION Paddle Type Level Switch is used for level detection for powder or bunk material in silo,hoppar,etc...

The rotating paddle is continuously rotates by a motor. When this paddle contacts with the material, the force more than the rotating torque will be applied to the paddle and the rotation will stop. The Level Switch detects ... Rotation Paddle Switch for Level Control in Containers and Silos Rotation Switch Series. Principle of Operation. The rotating measuring vane is driven by a brushless synchronous motor. Once the material level reaches the vane, it stops rotating, which is detected by a micro switch to stop the motor and switch the level output. Once the material level begins to fall and the vane is free of .. Rotating switch - Process Instrumentation – Siemens The paddle switch can handle bulk densities as low as 15.06 g/l (0.94 lb/ft3) with the optional hinged vane or 100 g/l (6.25 lb/ft³) with the standard measuring vane. A low revolution geared motor with slip clutch drives a rotating measuring vane which senses the presence of material at the mounted level of the LPS200.
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